NAKA Demo Days Aug 2017

The North Alabama Kayak Anglers (NAKA) held a Demo Days on Sat Aug 12 in Decatur Alabama. The Demo Days are put on two or three times a year in the North Alabama area to allow members of NAKA and the public to try a myriad of kayak manufacturers, models, sizes, and types.

This August the event was held in Decatur Alabama at the Decatur Day Use Park on the Tennesee River. The event was held from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. There were several members of NAKA and individuals that attended and brought their personal kayaks for people to try. As a member of NAKA, we attended and brought the Hobie Outback and Jackson Kayak Mayfly to the event. There were many people interested in both kayaks and we got to let more than a dozen paddle or peddle what ever model they wanted to try. We were happy to give some basic instruction on paddle/peddle techniques, safety, and what to look for in a search for a personal kayak. Many other members in attendance had many other styles and types of kayaks. These included Jackson, Hobie, NuCanoe, Lure, and more.

There were also a couple of local businesses that attended the event and provided different brands of kayaks for demo use as well. The Kayak Store, located in Decatur AL, brought a great line up of Lure Kayaks. Leaf in Creek Earthpeditions, located in Huntsville AL, supplied a great line up of Jackson Kayak models. Although these two companies may compete in similar markets, it was great to see them work together to help all those in attendance to find exactly what they were looking for in their first or next kayak.

All of us here at Floating Feathers Kayak Fly Fishing School want to thank NAKA, all of its Members, The Kayak Store, and Leaf in Creek Earthpeditions for all working together for a great day on the water and for helping get more people interested in kayak fishing. The School even got to answer some impromptu questions on Kayak Fly Fishing, and we are grateful that we were allowed to participate.

We look forward to the next Demo Days with NAKA and look forward to working with all the NAKA members and Companies again in the future.

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