In just a few days we will be headed down to Grand Isle Louisiana to participate in the largest Kayak Fishing Tournament in the United States. With 500+ kayak anglers expected to fish for some great prizes and what is sure to be a fun time on the water. This will be our first trip to Grand Isle, but I already have a feeling that we will be heading back without the temptation of a tournament.

We will be fly fishing, of course, although there are all kinds of tackle and bait allowed, we will stick to what we love, chunking fluff with the long rod. We don't expect to win the tournament, no one has ever won it on a fly. Our goal for this trip is to have fun fishing for some bull reds that we don't get to do as often as we would like. The tournament does have a prize for the heaviest redfish caught on the fly, and that would be a great title to win, but we are going to focus on the fun and good spirit on which the tournament was founded. That doesn't mean that we would be unhappy if we won, we would ecstatic, but again not our focus for the trip. We will call any winnings a bonus.

I hope to report back post trip with a well-detailed blog entry on our adventures, trials, tribulations, and any victories that we may endure whilst on our journey. Please take some time and look up the Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament and see what it is all about. Maybe we can see you down there next year and throw a few flies together.

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