Floating Feathers Kayak Fly FIshing School teaches the basic fundamentals of Fly Fishing, Kayaking, and Kayak Fly Fishing. We like to refer to these as 101 classes. We are located in Foley, Al but will travel to your location or to a public area that can accommodate a classroom environment and on the water training (within reason of course).

Let's start with what to expect from the Fly Fishing Fundamentals or Fly FIshing 101. We teach you the basics of equipment such as the rod, reel, line, leader, tippet, knots, flies, etc. We will then move on to what you really need to start fishing, the minimum items. We will instruct in two basic casts, the backhand and the roll cast. We will close this section of class with how to choose your fly rod for your needs.

Next, let's explore what Kayaking 101 covers. We will begin by identifying the two main types of kayaks used for fishing and their characteristics and capabilities. Next, we will instruct on one of our most important lessons, Kayak Safety, it is a subject we take seriously here at FFKFF. Then we will explore how to determine or find your center of gravity, get in and out of a kayak and even how to do a water re-entry. We then get into proper paddling techniques, tips, and tricks. We then discuss kayaking etiquette and basic rules of the road for waterways.

We then combine the information for the two previous classes with Kayak Fly Fishing 101. These topics include but not limited to casting, line management, boat positioning, tackle/equipment management, sitting vs. standing, fighting and landing fish, basic rigging, and how to choose a kayak for you.

We can teach individuals and small groups currently, but we are building our staff and equipment to allow us to instruct larger groups in the future. By now you may be asking yourself, "What do I need to bring to learn at your School?". For individuals, you only need to bring a spare set of clothes (because you will get wet), any snacks that you may desire, proper attire for being outdoors and in the water. If you have your own equipment of any kind we will be glad to let you use it for classes, after all, we want you to be comfortable.

Course length depends on the classes being instructed and the number of students attending. You can choose Fly Fishing 101, Kayaking 101 and/or Kayak Fly Fishing 101. We do, however, encourage students to attend at least one of the first two classes before attending the third.

Contact us for more information or to book a class for you or a group.



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